Brazil Health Although these great ones initiatives, still have very to be made to adjust and to perfect the assistencial system of health with quality. The SUS is a recent social construction, but that it accumulates significant victories, as the national program of AIDS, specialized access the medicines, consultations and treatments, between as many facts. However still many difficulties exist to be faced for the SUS, in Brazil, for the conquest of some strategical objectives, amongst which, the equitable access to the health services. Valley to emphasize that the local manager still remains with the responsibility of: to co-ordinate, to plan, to articulate, to control, to negotiate, to program, to execute and to evaluate the actions of promotion, protection and recovery of the health. The joint is indispensable also enters the managers of the three spheres of government and these with the population for the effective consolidation of a participativa and democratic management. From there the paper appears of the health advice as bridge for the negotiations between the spheres of government and the society. Beyond formulating the strategies, the advice possess the paper to control the executions of the health politics. The execution of one national politics of promotion to the health has as main requirements the delineation of actions that favor the adoption of less risky behaviors to the health, the diversification and the magnifying of offer of services of preventive assistance. Actions that...

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