Diabetes and Resistance Beyond the racial influence implying prevalences so opponents, we have that to take in consideration the different routines adopted in each place for the tracing of DG and the different criteria used for its diagnosis. (KATZ et al, 2002). Studies prove that the pregnant woman increases alimentary ingestion e, with this, the weight profit. This occurs in gestantes with or without diabetes. The results of the studies show that the density of nutrients of the diet was bigger in women with diabetes gestacional, having an increase in the vitamin consumption and the D, beyond iron and acid flico. With this, accompaniment to this gestante woman becomes necessary, had to some complications that can occur as, for example, the daily pay-eclmpsia or even though the eclampsia, a time that, diabetes in the gestation is considered of risk. Therefore, this work aims at to show the process of diabetes in the gestation, treatment and decurrent complications of this process, as well as stimulating to the gestantes to adopt measured that they prevent the appearance of this disease or minimize the agravos/complications of this process. METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical study, of descriptive and exploratria nature, carried through through a data-collecting concerning diabetes gestacional. For the accomplishment of this work, articles propagated national through the Internet and in books had been consulted that approached the subject in question. For the collection of data a revision of pertinent...

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