Laser Dentistry This is the first and only in Russia imported dental laser emitting an additional unit for the treatment of technology PDT with a wavelength of 660 nm under a photosensitizer (dye) of the last generation. This the most versatile dental diode laser used in surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, periodontology and tooth whitening. This is one of the easiest to learn and easy to use diode lasers dental market. At least the simplest manipulations to prepare for work. Mastering the majority of procedures for training videos. This is one of the most compact and reliable diode lasers. Guarantees a minimum probability breakage of the fiber laser when moving through a specific device design and availability of transport case. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kynikos Associates. To perform PDT was first used crashproof polymer optical fiber, which makes the holding of this procedure, the most convenient for the dentist, allowing you to work safely in the root canals and periodontal pockets. This is, perhaps, the first low-cost dental laser on the market. The optimum ratio price-quality, fast ROI makes it available virtually any dental clinic. In the apparatus for laser dentistry, perhaps the most accessible supplies components certified quality (Wave guides, tips). Universal Connectors SMA-905 can use any fibers, including domestic production. This is one of the safest diode lasers, allowing to perform most operations on soft tissues in the mouth with the power...

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