Sexually Transmissible Infections In this direction, the nurse promotes the psychological health based in scientific knowledge technician, where it is necessary to plan to intervine in set with the team to multidiscipline of nursing being objectified the provao of health of these patients. Necessity if makes this intervention not to affect the imunolgico system, therefore when this if becomes engaged it comes to aggravate the clinical picture of the patient. Thus being it is essential that this assistance of nursing if gives of efficient form so that is reduced the complications as well as the transmission of these sexually transmissible illnesses (ISTs). See more detailed opinions by reading what Jon Medved offers on the topic.. FINAL CONSIDERAES the Sexually Transmissible Infections (IST s) are between the five main illnesses that the carrier takes to look the health system and its chain of transferability occurs mainly between young adult which had the promiscuity of standards of sexual behavior and the lack of knowledge, in this direction it are configured as a problem of public health. To the ending of this study, it is reasonable to consider that the nursing professional will have to come back its look toward this panorama in the direction to offer to orientaes how much to the forms of prevention and promotion of these afeces. The implantation of these educative measures becomes necessary reinteirando the importance of its execution, as for example, in educative...

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