State People Autocracy literally means from the Greek radicals files of legal documents (for proper itself), kratos (to be able), to be able for proper itself. It is a government form in which an only man withholds the supreme power. Additional information at abbott laboratories supports this article. The tyranny of the dictatorships of century XX had established a complex, or same a syndrome of the panic in relation to the autocratic or monarchic governments. Before this, the lack of organization and administrative capacity of Princes and Kings of the Modern Age had given space to known the bourgeois and capitalist models of government as democracy, republic, presidentialism or parliamentarism. However such models are most recent, and this does not mean that to the long one of the history of the humanity prosperous and harmonious monarchic or autocratic governments had not existed. The dictatorships fascists, nazista, military and until the socialist ones during century XX had happened under the strategy of the imperialism, of the oppression and tyranny. therefore ruram. The lack of identification of the people stops with the governments and the internal disputes for thrones and positions thus the economic and territorial competition with other countries had been factors for the failure of these governments. A monarchy or autocracy can become necessary and efficient when a government and its people are not capable to establish a necessary order to the social harmony. such the...

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