Voodoo Magic And Health On the African magic is legendary. History of the African voodoo more than 6000 years. The first settlements appeared in the realms of voodoo background and the Congo. What does the word "voodoo"? If you translate it with the ancient language background, it means "sacred" or "spirit." According to the assumptions scientists first Voodoo originated in southern Benin. According to old legends is there that the kingdom background. The official religion of Benin is voodoo. Followers of this religion exist in many countries in West Africa. This religion is very similar to many other African beliefs, because it deals with the major religious celebrations, as well as half spiritual services. In these celebrations there, music, dances, songs, national motives of the country. Most voodoo rituals carried out near the rivers, trees, mountains, scooping their spiritual powers. Often the items previously used in everyday life and of dead animals are used in rituals. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Miles D. White has to say. This mysterious, but the objective Magic has a huge number of different symptoms, which have been more than one generation are transmitted orally, such as: possession by spirits, belief in the gods, a sacrifice to express their gratitude to God, the various rituals and objects used in protective magical purposes, frequent chants of, respect for ancestors, predictions natural phenomena. In various African countries are religious centers Voodoo, which...

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