"Five Flowers" Healthy Meal Nutrition - ancient and wise science, its laws are simple: variety, balance, sense of proportion. But how much and when there is a modern man? Answer the questions the new program 'Healthy', developed by SRI Nutrition. The principles of prevention is worth a healthy lifestyle - it's what's available to everyone. Physical activity and sports, proper work and rest, good nutrition - are the main components of a healthy lifestyle. Truth is commonly known, but not so easy to apply all the recommendations into practice. For proper organization of power is necessary to determine the value for individual human food ingredients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Proteins are the basis of life, because every living cell is composed mainly of protein. Speaking candidly Gina Ross told us the story. Continuous supply of its necessary for growth, tissue repair, for education hormones and enzymes. Fats and carbohydrates - are the main sources of energy, determining the calorie content of food. Daily amount of calories depending on age, sex, energy expenditure. The average adult person per day to about 3000 calories. In addition to protein, fat and carbohydrates the body needs for normal functioning of vitamins and minerals. The lack of these ingredients can cause serious health problems: reduced resistance to infection, there is irritability, fatigue, can develop many diseases. No single group of products will not provide the body with all the necessary...

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